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Historically the cane is not only used as an aide but also as a fashion statement and my designs are intended for the user to be proud to show they own a cane created for them out of beautiful hardwoods from the world over.   The cane user should not have to be subjected to walking with an unsightly piece of hardware that hinders their style and pride.   My goal is to give artful definition to an ancient tool that has evolved little even in our modern times.  I hope that the simple elegance of my designs are enjoyed by not only the user but onlookers as well. 

These canes and walking sticks are handmade, one-of-a-kind pieces of artful workmanship created to serve the function of support and stability yet give the user enjoyment with their beauty of style and comfort.  The hand comes in many shapes and sizes and so the handle of a cane should fit to accommodate the needs of the individual along with the height and heft of the shaft.   The handle can be made specifically for left or right handed needs, yet it is still suited for ambidextrous use and allows for a comfortable, firm grip.

The canes are constructed with an inner dowel joining the handle and shaft to give ultimate support and durability. Additional dowels are placed to prevent movement of the wood during shrinkage or expansion.  The cane is then carefully sanded and finished with a protective coating, usually an oil product to enhance the wood's natural beauty.  Some of the exotic color woods are given a special UV protective coating to help retain their natural colors.

Each cane is signed and numbered and registered.  The owner's contact information is kept on file in the event that a cane is lost and found.  Once contacted, I can notifiy the owner to retrieve their cane.  This is a free service and updates are encouraged. 

These are just a few styles of the wooden canes I have designed.  I have many ideas to incorporate different exotic and domestic woods along with antler, gemstones and other found objects.   If you are looking for something contemporary or traditional, yet unusual, please contact me and I can design and create a special piece to suit your style and interests.

Meilie Moy-Hodnett

Gaithersburg, MD  20882

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[By appointment only] 

Examples of canes 

[Each cane is signed and numbered.  Monogram or name engraving available.]


Cane #029-Claro Black Walnut & Figured Cherry; #ABW-Afromosia & Black Walnut; #025-Claro Black Walnut w/ Mango collar & Sapele shaft    Fancy Canes (A)


#029 - Claro Black Walnut & Figured Cherry;

#ABW - Afromosia & Black Walnut;

#025 - Claro Black Walnut (Zebra) w/ Mango collar & Sapele shaft.

Fancy Canes (B)

# 039 - Manzanita Burl ("C" Swirl) w/ Padouk & Brazilian Ebony collar & Purpleheart shaft;

#038 - Manzanita Burl (Potato handle) w/ Texas Ebony collar & Padouk shaft

#005 - Manzanita Root Burl w/ Black Walnut shaft [SOLD]

#039; #038; #005

#031 - Maple Burl w/ Figured Stripped Cherry shaft;

#029 - Claro Black Walnut w/ Figured Cherry shaft;

#032 - Birdseye Maple w/ Tiger Maple shaft

#045 - Figured Knotted Almond w/ Manzanita collar & Yellow heart shaft;

#033 - Filled Banksia Pod w/ Black Walnut shaft

#020 - Amboyna freeform w/ Padouk shaft.

Fancy Canes (E)


#024 - Figured Pink Ivory & Purpleheart shaft;

#040 - Macadamia Spray w/ Brazilian Ebony collar & Macawood shaft;

#004 - Extra Fancy Claro Walnut (feathered) & Sapele shaft.

Fancy Canes (F)

#023 - Claro Black Walnut & Macawood shaft;

#034 - Figured Koa (Canine) w/ Brazilian Ebony collar & Sapele shaft;

#021 - Tiger Maple (Harrison handle - left handed)  & Macawood shaft

Canes for Special Needs:


The Harrison style handle was created for a gentleman who places the cane in front of him so while seated he can lift himself up and forward.  The handle is heavier to allow a full hand grip and designed to keep your hand from sliding off the end.  The Harrison style handles are right or left handed, yet are comfortable for ambidextrous use.   I also design an ambidextrous version, eliminating the flat surface for the thumb.

~ Quilted Maple & Black Walnut shaft[Harrison style handle - right handed]

~ Quilted Maple & Tiger Maple shaft






Birdseye Maple handle & Tiger Maple shaft.


These are just a sample of the combinations of fancy domestic and exotic woods that can be used. 

 Each cane is unique made to suit the individual needs of the user for comfort, support and style.

Please contact me to create a custom cane for your needs.

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Inquiries and comments are welcome.

Featured in Washington Post Magazine

"Making It" article:  June 14, 2009   

Canes Available for Sale

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(301) 922-8443  [By appointment only]