Gallery MH

Art for every day living.

Art is not just for the sterile environment of a museum.  Art in nature and man-made creations surround us in our daily activities and functional art is a sign of good design.  Wearable art such as jewelry, textiles, and other fashion accessories are all a form of art that should give us pleasure in it's use. 

This gallery was created to share some of my interests in good design.  For example I am creating a line of canes and walking sticks that are not just for the physical need to aide in one's step, but they are also a fashion statement showing the individual's taste, character and status.  These are created with domestic and exotic woods and can also include antler, gemstones, etc..  Please visit the selection of canes that I have created.

Many of the items shown are for sale, others are just examples of what can be done.  Some of the items here are just to show ideas of creativity.  Your home can reflect your interests and passions and by using some imagination a unique display can be created. 

Please feel free to tour the site.  Inquiries for sales and commissions are welcome.

Meilie  Moy-Hodnett